Photography by Richard Cross

I picked up a camera as a teenager as a way to try understand the world, fast forward 30 years and it’s still work in progress. Along the way there’s been a degree in photography and film, lots of commercial work, a host of personal projects and more recently a drone has given access to aerial photography.

Growing up in rural Lincolnshire I’ve been moving north in stages: first Newcastle, then Edinburgh and now rural Perthshire. When I arrived in Edinburgh in the mid 1990’s I was fortunate to stumble across the internet, working in web agencies for (mostly whisky) brands who saw the potential of the new medium. I turned freelance in 2002 and in 2010 I set up my own company, Control X Digital where I design, develop and support websites for a wide range of clients.

Interests: cycling, walking, travel, nature and of course photography.

All Images © Richard Cross