The Highlands

The Highlands

A changing perspective

The Great Polish Map of Scotland

My understanding of the Highlands of Scotland has changed over the last 20 years: where once I saw wilderness now I see land wrecked by over grazing; moors drained to encourage the breeding of game birds, predators exterminated and every year new tracks forge deeper into the hills to enable a failing model of land management. Forestry plantations support only a fraction of the biodiversity of a natural forest. Wind turbines and hydro schemes encroach on designated wild land. All the while the popularity of Scotland as a tourist destination grows, yet the wilderness people flock to see is a shadow of what it once was and, every year, is a little less wild.

My photography in an exploration of these issues.

Richard Cross, January ’19

Glas Maol

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The moraines of Gleann Beag shape the route of the river and the road as they snake down from the ski centre at Glenshee, while the Munro of Glas Maol stands bare of snow (and trees) in early January.