The day started brightly with sunrise across the lake and breakfast on a concrete table tennis table. We were packed up and on our way by 9, but by 9.30 I was faffing with my brakes again.

The highlight of the morning was passing through Lagerville, sadly the hadn’t realised the visitor appeal of such a place and there wasn’t a bar to be found.

We stopped in Ferriers en Gatiniers to stock up on provisions and as luckily caught the end of the market. Pate de Lapain and local cheese were the order of the day, consumed under a tree by the abby sheltering from the thunderstorm which had at last come to a head. We waited till the worst has passed before heading on, but soon caught it up again, it’s forks of lightening picking out our intended route through the forest. As it seemed to be moving away we progressed, onto the big town of the day – Montargis, where we stocked up on food for the evening.

About 20km south we found a Roman amphitheatre by the side of the road, remarkably well preserved but with little fanfare, it seemed just part of the landscape. At this point we decided to press on to Braire a further 30km south. Our route took us through Rogny with it’s amazing seven lock gates (sept ecluses) and along some very straight roads, which at the end of a long day become quite trying.

We had what seems to be the usual struggle to find the campsite but at last we did, tucked on the banks of the Loire. We had made our first major milestone and celebrated with a shower, good feed and some wine. I’ve just found the flask of Highland Park I tucked in my panniers at the last minute so thought I’d post today’s progress. Funny, I think it does taste better with scottish water added. Tomorrow a shorter day, with perhaps some wine tasting as we start our journey down the Loire.