After a late night at the fete, a lie in was mandatory. Janie was off to a ladies lunch and needed a swim to cool off first so we made for the river. She headed off after her swim, while we went to pick up our bikes and have a look at Phil’s ‘project’ – a lovely old house which he reckons will take 2 yrs to renovate.

A very snoozy afternoon was followed by some bike maintenance i.e. tightening up brakes after all our downhill the previous few days whilst keeping up with the Wimbledon scores and Tour de France action online. Then it was off to another local fete, where we managed to converse with some locals in a sort of Franglais, eat lamb, potatoes and sausage and then twirl around the dancefloor to the traditional band.

An earlier night tonight, we headed back to pack up our final bits and pieces ready to resume our journey in the morning.

It’s been great to have such a lovely place to stay for 3 whole nights but the one thing I’m going to miss the most is a really comfy pillow!